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Dentist Patient Referral

Register your patients now to receive priority access to high-quality denture treatment and 
earn £250-£300 per patient referral for denture services.

Why Refer to Denturly?

At Denturly we understand the challenges and demands of providing top-notch care to our patients while ensuring optimal outcomes and satisfaction. It's no secret that treating private denture patients can often be a time-consuming process, requiring multiple visits, significant chair time, and high laboratory fees, all while trying to meet the expectations of increasingly discerning patients.


That's why we are thrilled to introduce you to Denturly, the UK's largest provider of comprehensive digital denture solutions. We have revolutionised the denture treatment process to offer a seamless, efficient, and highly satisfying experience for both patients and referring dentists.


Instead of navigating the complexities of denture treatment yourself, consider referring your private denture patients to Denturly, where we will take them through every step of the journey, including extractions if required, while compensating you generously for your referral.

Denturly Affordable Pricing

Something to make your patients smile :)

Single Arch
Dual Arch


For high quality 3D printed single arch dentures also with monthly payment finance options.


For high quality 3D printed single arch dentures also with monthly payment finance options.

Denturly Referral Process

1. Free Consultation

Patients attend a complimentary consultation with one of our denture expert dentists, where their needs and expectations are carefully assessed.

2. Digital Scanning

Our skilled dentist team utilises state-of-the-art intraoral scanners to capture precise digital impressions of the patient's oral cavity, ensuring accuracy and comfort.

3. Customised Digital Design

Denturly's experienced design technicians create a bespoke digital denture design tailored to optimise fit and comfort for each patient.

4. 3D Printing

Using the latest technology and highest quality materials, we 3D print the patient's denture, ensuring durability, aesthetics, and an optimum fit.

5. Same-Day Completion

During the fitting visit, any needed extractions are done for a complete treatment. Patients get their custom denture fitted by expert dentists.

Accessible Care

We also provide flexible payment options, including 12 months interest-free payments, to ensure accessibility for all patients.
With 12 clinics already established throughout the United Kingdom and an additional 20 clinics slated to open in 2024, Denturly is poised to provide our comprehensive services to even more patients across the country.

Referral Payments

Now, let's talk about the exciting part for you, our referring dentists. We understand the value of your trust and partnership, which is why we offer generous referral fees for every successful denture referral

  • £250 for each referral that completes treatment, for up to 4 referrals per month (EG £1,000 for 4 referrals per month) 

  • £300 per referral for 5 or more successful denture referrals per month (EG £1,500 for 5 referrals a month)

By partnering with Denturly, you not only streamline the treatment process for your private denture patients but also benefit from a lucrative referral program that exceeds the profit you would typically make from treating these patients yourself.


We invite you to explore this unparalleled opportunity to enhance patient care, streamline your practice, and increase your revenue potential.

All Denturly clinicians are registered with the General Dental Council. 

Denturly is a registered service provider with the Care Quality Commission with Provider ID: 1-16495076304.

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